The Butterfly Bank

With The Butterfly Bank you can inspire, track and report on employee engagement in community activities you support, volunteering and sustainable behaviours.

Turn your environmental, community, health and wellbeing ambitions into doable, bite size actions for people to take.

Whether it's volunteering or the adoption of new sustainable habits, your audience can find clear, simple ways to do a little good.

Reward each action with a simple currency – butterflies (virtual of course).

Why butterflies? They are an indicator species. Simply put, the more there are, the healthier our planet. They provide a simple, cross functional and emotive language for positive impact.

Bring together teams under a shared goal – to bank a target number of butterflies.

With our offline team function and toolkits, they don't need to be office based. League tables and activity feeds help share news from across the organisation.

Engage, recognise and reward individuals and teams throughout using our campaign toolkits or with bespoke support.

For example, our DIY campaign invites people to create and share their own actions and see how many butterflies they help to inspire.

Make your butterflies mean even more with our charity reward function where the actions your people take are linked to a charitable investment you make.

You can even offer a choice of projects and allow people to bank their butterflies to the one that motivates them the most.

Report on anything you like, from hours volunteered to how many people have taken an action, with our clever reporting suite.

Plus, gain insight into which themes get the best response, helping you to shape future campaigns and partnerships - it may be forest imagery, British pride, local charities or a love of the oceans.

Whether it enhances existing activity or helps you to launch CSR in your organisation, our platform will work for you. Give your employees a place of inspiration, education and reward with your own bespoke version of the Butterfly Bank engagement platform.

Invite your audience to create a Butterfly Bank profile giving them access to their personalised user friendly dashboard.

They'll have visual trackers on their own progress, plus visibility of what's going on across the company. Plus, we'll send them recommendations on actions they might like based on their activity.


We recognise your engagement ambitions are personal to your company, that's why our platform is designed to adapt to suit you. From bespoke branding and themes, through to a choice of reward structures to suit your organisation.


Hear from those who have already discovered The Butterfly Bank and the simplicity it can bring to a busy CSR programme of engagement activities.


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Love The Butterfly Bank

I would say Butterflies help promote healthy competition not only internally within the centre but also against other centres. I know colleagues I work with have actively been monitoring the table to see where The Oracle stands. Some of us have spent time over the past week going through all of the different action points.

Daniel Brewer, The Oracle Shopping Centre

The butterfly bank is great for helping me think about the choices I make and also it lets me appreciate the things I am already doing.  Sometimes I dither on buying the non-organic (cheaper/ easier to find) option… now that I get points for good decision making, my dithering will be less.

Alan Cook, Silverburn Shopping Centre

It gives me a chance to re-think how I go about daily life and what impact that has on the environment. Even the smallest change matters. It gives me a feel good factor.

Melanie Bruce-Roberts, Cabot Circus Shopping Centre

Case Study - Hammerson PLC

Using the Butterfly Bank for our volunteering programme encouraged cross team competitiveness and completely transformed the management of our Community Day. It's a simple to use platform with powerful impacts. If you run campaigns across teams I would certainly recommend it.

Louise Ellison, Head of Sustainability - Hammerson PLC

  • FTSE 100 Property Company Hammerson wanted to simplify their volunteer sign up process, to encourage greater uptake in community activities and to recognise those taking positive sustainable actions in their own time.
  • The platform was used to sign up employees from across the UK to a choice of annual Community Day activities. It also houses volunteering opportunities to take throughout the year, helping to promote the Hammerson volunteering allowance of 3 days/year.
  • Nine bespoke themes were created to reflect key CSR ambitions around skills development and supporting young people.
  • Teams from across two offices, nine shopping centres and nine contractor teams got involved and far exceeded their target to bank 100,000 butterflies, achieving double that in just five months.
  • In just 48 hours, 50% of staff were signed up and booked onto a volunteer day. On top of that, teams across the UK have taken nearly 4000 positive actions in their own time, from changing to organic produce, to giving blood. Employees also designed their own actions, like Mel from Cabot Circus who encouraged people to breed their own butterflies.

Shape The Butterfly Bank


All areas of the platform can be branded in line with your organisation.


Invite employees, suppliers or customers to participate on the platform.


Shape the support you need depending on your internal resource.

Focus Areas

Create bespoke banking themes that reflect your social and environmental ambitions, whether you want to support skills development or protect marine life. We'll work with you to create themes that work for you.


Design purposeful actions for your employees to take, they could be actions that support your charity partnerships, benefit your community, protect our environment or help establish new sustainable behaviours.


Our rewards structure enables you to create regular reward opportunities throughout the year to recognise employee efforts. We'll help you to identify how best to reward your audience to maintain engagement.

Contact The Butterfly Bank

We'd love to show you The Butterfly Bank in action and discuss how it can support your engagement ambitions.